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LOVING :: Spun Light by The Evie Group

14 September 2012

Could I love this light any more? Nope. Oh my, I'm seriously coveting it. The Spun light is the creation of Sydney industrial designers Alex Gilmore and Dominic Chong who work under the name Evie Group.

The wonderful sculptural form of the Spun light is quite obviously inspired by the classic wooden spinning top, but the polished mirror surface takes it to a whole new realm. There are no screws or fasteners, so the integrity of the curvaceous smooth shape is maintained. I adore the floor light - it would be a fab and quirky addition to a room - and Spun is also available as a pendent light.

Until the end of November you can see Spun in person at the Evie Group pop up shop in The Rocks, Sydney. I'm not sure if I should go... if I do I'll have to leave my credit card at home.

Images: Evie Group.