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My Home :: Bathroom Makeover Sneak Peek

27 August 2012

I have almost finished my bathroom makeover and I've accomplished it for under $200. I got busy one night last week and painted the entire bathroom including the tiles and now I'm just getting together some things to style it up. I can't wait to share it with you here, but in the meantime here's a little sneak peek.

All went well with the tile paint undercoat. I let it dry for the required 6 hours then got to painting the tiles. I was finished by 11.30pm... paint all over my hands and clothes and splashes on my face and in my hair! It was then that I realised that the paint, unlike the undercoat, was turps clean-up. I realised it after rubbing my hands with a wet rag and spreading the paint so it literally covered both my hands and writsts. No turps! I headed downstairs to my garage and rummaged around with a torch. No turps. I made an 11.45pm dash to the supermarket - covered in paint and looking like a mad woman - running in the door at 11.57 just before their 12 o'clock closing time. Luckily Roxy was on a school excursion sleepover that night or I would have had to go to bed with paint all over me.

But I'm so happy with how the bathroom has turned out. It's so light and bright now and I don't get depressed every time I open the door. I did however get depressed when I realised that I had to cut the paint out of my hair.