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Exploring Tokyo :: Kichijoji

03 June 2012

In three trips to Tokyo I'd never made it to Kichijoji before, but this time I did, and I loved it there. There is a maze of tiny streets behind the "Shopping Street" (theres a big sign that stretches across the street, saying just that) where you'll find a lot of fascinating little shops selling all sorts of wares from stationery to furniture, zakka, and clothing. The park with the swan paddle boats is a lovely haven on the other side of the station.

If you're heading to Tokyo for fabric and craft shopping the well known Yazawaya store has moved from it's previous home adjacent to the train station. Thanks to Amy for the heads up on the move, I was able to find it easily by heading out the Park (Koen) exit of the station and heading down the lane way in front of the exit. Yazawaya is in the OIOI department store which you'll see directly ahead of you as you walk down the lane way. There are two floors of fantastic craft supplies, stationery and fabric.