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Puka Puka Polka Dots

03 May 2012

[try saying that a few times!]

Yes, more polka dots. I'm a bit obsessed at the moment.

In order to counteract the apparently dire feng shui of the beam that runs directly above my bed, I commissioned Nina of Puka Puka to make me a Polka Dot mobile. I wanted something quite big with lots of white, some grey and yellow and flashes of colour.

The beam.
I was going for the unstyled rumpled bed look in this shot.
But I think to achieve 'unstyled' I probably should have styled it! Too messy?!
Note to self: I need a bedside table.

I'm so delighted with the mobile! I love laying on my bed looking up at the floating dots. They move beautifully and it's so relaxing to gaze up at them. It's hard to capture just how awesome it is in the photos.

And one more polka dot purchase: a pillowcase from Castle. Love.