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My Home :: The Dining Corner

03 April 2012

Here's another peek into a corner of my new home - the dining area. I bought the amazing Armadillo & Co rug to go in the centre of the living space, but today I moved it under the dining table and love it there. It's such a gorgeous statement piece (especially on the dark floor), that I'm thinking it dominates the room too much when it's in the centre.

I'll leave it under the table for now, and wait until I get another plain rug to go in the room and play around with them a bit. I also need to find something to put the TV on so I can get rid of the Ikea drawers that used to be in my office (you can see the corner of them in the photo). They don't go at all, but they are a stop gap solution. At least they're white.

The table was a major bargain find at the Citta Design outlet store (secret's out: run, don't walk, for amazing bargains on beautiful homewares and furniture) and I got the Nudle stools at a Freedom half price sale.