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mmmm :: Pat and Stick's Ice Cream Sandwiches

23 April 2012

We had a whole platter of Pat and Stick's 'world famous' ice cream sandwiches to share at our abcd Soirée last Saturday (thanks to Steph for organising it) and everyone was swooning over them.

Made from "real" ingredients and not a whole lot of numbers, Pat and Stick's delicious ice cream sandwiches are such a treat. They are made by hand here in Sydney - the cookies are baked and the ice cream made the old fashioned way, using the finest vanilla beans, real butter, Belgian chocolate and espresso coffee. When you taste them you can tell they are made with love. They are so good and include flavours like Caramel Pecan, Mochaccino, Double Choc and Vanilla Lace.

Image: Pat & Stick's

If you haven't tried Pat and Stick's go treat yourself. (see where you can buy them here)

Photos (by Milk & Honey Photography) and a post about our fabulous Soirée are coming soon. Promise.

footnote: As you know if you're a regular reader I only ever blog about things that I truly love, never for any other reason!