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Armadillo & Co @ Temple & Webster

24 April 2012

Can you tell I have a major deadline at the moment? Yes, three posts in one day means that there is more than a little procrastination going on here. I have so much design work to do in a small space of time and I'm freaking out about it. So what do I do? Another blog post. But this one couldn't wait until tomorrow.

Remember recently I showed you the fabulous hand woven hemp Armadillo & Co rug I bought for my living room? Well, I've been wanting to get another rug or two for the apartment and when I received an email from Temple & Webster today announcing less than half price Armadillo & Co plus free shipping (for today only and within Australia) I jumped right in. Before you get too excited they don't have my Marigold rug in this offer, but they do have some beauties in both hemp and wool.

Check out the sale at Temple & Webster, the free shipping offer is for today only, but the sale lasts for 5 more days. You can read more about Armadillo & Co on the Temple & Webster blog, and view the entire range of gorgeous rugs at Armadillo & Co.

If you're into good quality homewares and furniture and love a bargain - up to 70% off retail - sign in at Temple & Webster to receive sale notifications.

OK, I must get back to work. It's the first day of term 2 at school so I've had a good amount of time to get things done (or not) today. Believe it or not, between blog posts and buying rugs I have got some work done. Do you procrastinate? I am certainly guilty of it. I have a mountain of ideas ready to be executed and so much to do, but I find it hard to get started. Once I'm on a roll, look out.