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'70's Patchwork

11 April 2012

How was your Easter? We've had a very quiet time, with Roxy home from school sick for the last week of term and over Easter, and now I've had the lurgie since Monday. We were booked for a short break in Fiji next week, but I've cancelled because of the cyclone and potential health and safety issues following it. So all in all a disappointing start to the school holidays!

Totally unrelated - but something to brighten my day - is this totally fab quilt that was on my bed as a child. I found it and washed it when I was packing to move. Although my mum did sew she didn't make this, but I have fond memories of it and I'm really happy that she saved it. Mum was a chucker (or gifter), not a hoarder, so I'm grateful to have the few things she hung on to. When I get the apartment organised I'll find a place for this quilt, it's so bright and fun and the fabric is so of the time.