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Roxy Longsocks

06 December 2011

How beautiful are these Roxy Longsocks dolls... and the photos! The colours just pop. Marina tested the pattern for me and took these lovely photos of her sweet Miss Wink in the garden with Roxy Longsocks x 2. You can see from these shots just how big Roxy Longsocks is.

If you're looking for some sweet and simple clothes to make for little girls take a look at Marina's (Wink Designs) lovely sewing patterns. Roxy has one of the Wrap-Up skirts and loves it. It's perfect for little girls because it looks like a wrap skirt but has a practical elasticised waist. Visit Wink Designs on Etsy for Marina's pdf patterns.

Roxy Longsocks Pattern Kits are available in my online shop.