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Inspiration :: Poh Ling Yeow

25 November 2011

I've been a huge fan of Australian artist Poh Ling Yeow's work for years... way before her MasterChef fame. You can see one of my previous posts about her work here. So I was more than excited when Poh emailed me recently to tell me about her exhibition that's currently on at Hill Smith Gallery in Adelaide. We emailed back and forth for some time and she's so lovely. Poh told me that despite her cook books, TV shows and everything else that comes with the MasterChef success she'll never stop being a fine artist. When you look at her work you can see why - she has such a talent and her art must be an intrinsic part of who she is. How amazingly beautiful is this painting?!

I love everything about Poh's art from her beautiful dry brush technique that creates such wonderful graduations of tone and colour to the lovely soulful Chinese girl she paints. (Poh refers to her as "the girl", and she reminds me a lot of my girl, especially that exquisite mouth.) Most of Poh's work is an exploration of her identity as a Chinese Australian, which of course resonates with our family too. I've vowed that by the time Poh next exhibits in Sydney I'm going to be first in line to purchase one of her paintings. I've wanted to for years, and I think I deserve it, I've had such a crappy time in the last couple of years. I'm saving my pennies!

Images: Hill Smith Gallery

If you're in Adelaide go and visit the Hill Smith Gallery and see Poh's work in person. It truly is breathtaking.

As an aside, I just googled 'Poh ling Yeow' to see if there were any specific links to her culinary life and among the top google suggestions were "Poh Ling Yeow boyfriend" and "Poh Ling Yeow married"... I think there must be a lot of interest from the blokes out there! There's a great interview here if you're interested and she also has a blog which is related to Poh's Kitchen, her TV show.