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DIY Wall Art :: Paint Chips

24 August 2011

Last month I promised some more posts about affordable DIY art (see my first instalment here). If you saw my house on The Design Files, you would have noticed this idea. In my studio I have a big empty wall that needed some art. I wanted to do something low budget, so I was inspired to create a temporary collage with the paint chips that Roxy and I seem to gather each time we visit our local Bunnings.

Photos: Lucy Feagins, The Design Files

Although the colour placement looks random it was actually very considered. If you created a collage that had squared edges I think random placement would work well. Or you could place the paint chips in rows of colours or graduating tones. Or try a chequerboard pattern. There's really no limit to what you could do. I used tiny balls of Blu Tac (my interior decoration must-have) to secure the paint chips to the wall.

A much more refined and up-scale type of pixellated colour collage is this fabulous wall art by ixxi. The ixxi system features a brilliantly simple modular method of  'X's and 'I's to connect the photo collage pieces together. Obviously this is a much nicer and long-term solution to using paint chips and Blu Tac!

Image Source: ixxi