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Loving :: Case Mate

04 July 2011

How cool is this.... create a custom case for your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Blackberry with your own design or use the fantastic design tools to "remix" the work of artists and designers at Case Mate.

My Mimi Sweetie Petite makes a cute case!
The case on the right was made using the art available to 'remix'.

On the left is one I made while mucking around with the Yo Gabba Gabba art.
Pop art on the right.

This screen shot shows the various tools available when 'remixing'. You start with a blank canvas and build up layers and colours. In the middle row are graphics that you use like stamps, including in this case some lovely watercolour splashes. 
The case on the left is a version of the one in the screen shot above - I used the kaleidoscope tool to change it. For the case on the right I just changed the background colour.

I've spent so much time mucking around at Case Mate, it's a lot of fun and you can create amazing designs. And even better, the cases actually cost less than a lot of the boring ones available in shops. I'm hanging out to get the iPhone 5 when it's released (hopefully in a few months), so I don't want to get a new case for my 3 in the meantime. That gives me heaps of time to keep playing at Case Mate. Be warned, "I Make My Case" is a time sucker!