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Freedom :: Summer Collection

22 July 2011

Earlier this week I braved the torrential rain to attend the launch of Freedom's Summer Collection at Carriageworks. In keeping with the summer theme we drank pineapple cocktails out of pineapples, complete with little umbrellas, and ate gelato under palm trees, while watching old movies at the 'outdoor' cinema. I got to hang out with Jo (on another whirlwind visit to Sydney), Megan (who did a wonderful job styling the event) and Lexi (I don't know how she does all she does and still manages to look so glamourous) and I didn't want to leave and go back to the reality of winter!

not so great photos taken on my iPhone
Edit: Check out Jo's post on Desire to Inspire for a lot of much, much better photos taken on the night.

When I hosted a giveaway for Freedom a few months ago a frequent comment was along the lines of I can't believe it's not butter! Freedom. Wait until you see the new collection: there are bold colours and great shapes, and styles that evoke New York to Shanghai. It's directional and inspirational. And it's all about allowing you to take different pieces and mix and match to suit your own style. Gotta love that.

The standout pieces are from the new limited edition range. Freedom launched their first limited edition range last season, and apparently most of it sold out as soon as it hit the stores. How amazing is the Three Sisters settee? The new collection will be in store on 22nd August, so you'll have to elbow me out of the way for one of those upholstered Jack & Jill stools! Loving the shape and the handles.

Also on my must have list are the fabulously quirky garden gnomes in all their glossy glory, and these great outdoor chairs.

Love this light too!

Another standout is this stunning big coffee table with a hammered finish.

The glossy liquorice Spice Hall table (above) is long and narrow with chunky turned legs and looked fab paired with the square stools in antique white, red and teal.

As you know I don't blog about things unless I love them - even if there are cocktails involved - but there are so many things that called my name in this collection. See anything you like?