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Lazy Long Weekend

14 June 2011

Hello, how was your weekend? We had a lovely 3 day weekend staying with friends who live a couple of hours drive away. We didn't do much, just ate delicious homemade soup and sat around chatting while the rain poured down endlessly all weekend. The children didn't get cabin fever and played well together - doing some craft, playing games and watching DVDs. I managed to pick up my crochet again after not doing any since last winter.

I'd like my rug to be quite big, so I have a long way to go, but I'm enjoying the process and I'm not in a hurry to complete it. I really love the colours and I'm trying to place the squares randomly and fight my instincts to plan their placement and order them. Having said that, near the centre of the photo there are two with dark blue centres which really annoy me because they are next to each other!