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27 May 2011

Hello, would you like to visit a great online shop with me? UGUiSU is chock full of lovely Japanese goodies and I'm trying to resist a shopping spree there (they ship worldwide).

Love, love, loving these beautiful pleated and crumpled Eco-Bags. Stylish. Tick. Functional. Tick. And green. Tick.

I just have to have some of these lovely paper napkins.

Naturally UGUiSU stocks a big range of Japanese masking tape: wide and thin, patterned and plain, in packs and single rolls. And if you use your tape for gift wrapping you can also get some stunning wrapping and origami paper to compliment it.

There's lots to love at UGUiSU

All images from UGUiSU

How beautiful and simple is the apple and pear card?

With the Aussie dollar so strong now it's hard to resist shopping online.... but I must. I just bought a pair of boots and a pair of shoes! Ooops.

Enjoy your weekend. I hope you get to do something you really want to, whether it's having a big night out or a quiet night in, being surrounded by lots of family and friends or chillaxin' on your own. Whatever it is, enjoy! See you Monday.