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Life's A Stitch

11 April 2011

Actually it was more than a stitch last week when my Tuesday migraine turned into a Tuesday to Friday migraine which came and went on various days only to be replaced by a very bad headache until Sunday. That equated to a few days of hibernation in a dark bedroom and nothing getting ticked off my to do list. But it reminded me that things get done and deadlines are always met regardless of how much time you have. Or think you have.

So, onto a new week and hopefully some more frequent posting... I met the lovely girls from Life's A Stitch at a market sometime last year, and as I often do I put their business card aside and forgot to blog about them. Sisters Sarah and Julia hand make their fabulous felt play food from their homes in the Blue Mountains. The colours are vibrant and the food is so much fun.

Image Source: Life's A Stitch
How great is that sandwich? And the fish & chips in newspaper! Pop on over to Life's A Stitch get yourself some lovely, yummy, felt goodies.