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Tutorials :: 3 paper wreaths and a garland

25 November 2010

A couple of weekends ago I made some paper wreaths for Christmas. They are based on the method I used for my previous paper wreath. Same same but different. They are all easy and will only cost a few dollars each to make. I'll post the tutorials separately, but in the meantime, here's a better look at them.

This wreath is made using small paper doilies from the local discount store. 

And this one uses beautiful orange, red and gold paper which is readily available (and very inexpensive) from Chinatown.

Easiest of all is this mini wreath made from tissue paper and Japanese paper tape.

The garland also uses the Chinese paper and is the easiest thing you'll every make! Despite that I think it looks great in the cream, orange and gold paper.

I'm really into orange at the moment, and love how it looks with red - and aqua too. Have you started to decorate for the silly season yet? Do you have a colour scheme in mind? Or maybe you use a mixed palette?

Tutorials to follow next.