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Paper shoes... a bit of a non-post

22 April 2010

Apologies for my absence over the past couple of days... I have too many things on my to do list. I'm really enjoying everything I'm making, but I'm hopping from one thing to the next feeling a bit unable to focus.

I've been procrastinating about what to post about that won't take me too long to put together and haven't come up with any genius ideas. So, being a lazy blogger today, I thought I'd show you some paper shoes I made last year. They were studies for something much bigger and quite exciting I am hoping to do. But those plans are on hold at the moment.

Peta from Mathilda's Market put together a really lovely post about my work yesterday, so if you have any interest at all in reading more about what I do (and who can blame you if you don't!) take a look here. Otherwise, check out the rest of Mathilda's blog to see the work of other crafty types and what's in store for the market in just over a week.

How's your week going? Are you managing to cross anything off your list of things to do? Do you even make lists? I can't survive without them. I love a good list.