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Inspiration :: inaluxe

20 April 2010

One of my recent art purchases is a fab print from inaluxe. I love the linen look backgrounds and the vintage shapes and colours in these pieces.

Melbourne gal Kristina Sostarko has been creating her art under the name inaluxe for over 4 years, and has recently quit her day job to do it full time. (yay! I love hearing those stories) When I asked Kristina about her art and inspiration this is what she told me:

So many things inspire me, but I think structure and space are probably the primary things I'm drawn to. I have an unconscious thing in my brain somewhere that breaks down images into basic block shapes and if I like how they are placed, then I'm inspired. On a more tangible note, I love design from the 1950's to the 1970's.

I have three different styles of work, and they are all dependant on the media. with painting, it's more abstract and spacial. My favourite painters are Mark Rothko and Jasper Johns. With illustration it's more wacky, and that's where my animal creations and humour come through. Then there's the more design graphic side of things I like, and that's where pattern, and textile inspire me.

So many things, but ultimately, the need to change, fix, make better, expand, pull it apart, grow an idea, see something realised, are what get me out of bed, and doing what I do - and loving it.

You can find Kristina's art in her shops on Etsy and made it, and she also has a blog. Go visit - you won't be disappointed.

Edit: I just came across a great interview with Kristina on made it.

All images: inaluxe