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Inspiration :: Aboriginal Art

15 February 2010

Good morning! How was your weekend? We had some pretty incredible thunderstorms here. I adore summer storms with those massive drops of rain that come after a stinking hot day. The smell of the rain on the hot ground holds such strong childhood memories for me. I love it.

I have a pretty busy couple of weeks coming up, so I'm just about to write 4 or 5 posts and schedule them for throughout the week. So please forgive me if I talk dribble and make lots of mistakes - It's after 3.30am and I'm feeling a bit delirious to say the least. I've just finished working and Roxy will be awake in 3 hours so I'm debating if it's even worth going to bed at this stage. May as well do some blogging I say!

To start the week I want to share these truly beautiful and inspiring paintings by indigenous Australian artists.

Bush Medicine by Gloria Petyarre

Little Bush Yam by Anna Petyarre

Bush Lilies by Lisa Mills

Awelye Atnwengerrp by Emily Pwerle

Earth Cycles by Sarrita King

Bush Plum by Kathleen Ngale

All images are from Aboriginal Art Galleries. They have galleries in a number of locations around Sydney. I must visit them soon - I can only imagine how incredible these works are in person. What do you think? Are you a fan too?