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at a Pinch

08 January 2010

Oh how I lurve the soft layering and shape of this light.

The Anders light by Pinch Design was inspired by haute couture fashion and traditional millinery and features layers of sculptural fabric. Too divine.

I went in search of this light after reading an article about Russell Pinch in the current issue of Inside Out... and I found even more beautifully designed items to covet.

All images: Pinch Design

The sofas look like they have exactly the right balance of support and squishy comfort. I've hated our sofas pretty much since the day they were delivered and I'd desperately love to replace them. As we don't have the budget to buy anything as desirable as these, my plan is to sell ours on ebay and try to find a couple of mis-matched ones (on ebay, at a thrift store or at auction) that we could possibly have recovered. That way we could have one soft loungey sofa and one that's more firm and upright - which is Stuart's preference. I love the idea of having 2 sofas in completely different styles and patterns, united by a colour palette. I'm so over our matchy-matchy 3, 2 and 1 seaters.

If you come across any photos of the sort of thing I'm describing shoot me a link - I'm going to start an inspiration file. But shhhh... not a word to Stu yet, he doesn't know what I'm plotting!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends, see you next week.