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Seen and Loved

30 November 2009

I haven't had much time to hang out on blogs lately (my Google Reader has 1000+ unread posts showing!), but I thought I'd share some lovely things that caught my eye tonight during a quick race around the blogosphere.

Loving these quirky porcelain milk cartons by Hanne Rysgaard.

Dreamy Polaroids by Mrs French.

Jamie Shelman Clementine Trio print.
Seen at Hey Susie.

Tiny Toadstool mittens... love those embroidered fingers.
Seen at Modish.

Gorgeous, gorgeous... Emma Lamb's crochet garland.
Seen at sfgirlbybay.

Fab retro swimwear by My Sister Pat.
Seen at The Lark.

Daintytime quilts that look like modern art.
Seen at dear ada.

Paper ornament at Essimar - just beautiful.

Breathtaking art by Kirra Jamison.
Seen at all the mountains.

The fabric business cards of Francesca Pasini - what an innovative idea!
Seen at oh hello friend.

I have lots of links to share to some lovely finds from Magnolia Square in both Sydney and Melbourne, but they'll have to wait until after Finders Keepers this week, as I'm still in full on making mode. I hope you had a lovely weekend... thanks for hanging around during the long breaks in transmission recently. Normal broadcasting will resume in the next week or so.