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Market Hangover

02 November 2009

I'm happy to say that Mathilda's Market on Sunday was a great success. There were hoards of shoppers waiting at the door at 9am and the frantic rush didn't slow for a couple of hours at least. Thanks to those of you who came by to say hello - some familiar faces and quite a few new ones.

Here's how my stall looked, including a shot of my little helper before she had her face painted by a nearby fairy and headed off to a birthday party. I did my best with the ugly concrete brick wall...

So now I have a market hangover. I worked like a maniac getting things done beforehand, including a 2am finish the night before, and only 4 hours sleep. Set up was from 7.30am, doors opened at 9. The day was hot and the stuffy heat in the hall was headache-inducing. Post market pack up is always a drag. I arrived home tired and starving to unload the car and be confronted by the huge mess I left when I fell into bed the night before. I slumped in a chair with a cup of tea and we all had an early night.

Today was spent tidying up, putting away and sorting out. I feel like I have a hangover. Does anyone else feel like that after having a market stall? Maybe I'm too old for this caper! I'd better get used to it or find a way to beat the hangover, because I have a busy schedule coming up in the next 6 weeks.

But... I'm really not complaining because I always enjoy markets - meeting people and chatting and getting feedback on my wares. And I was thrilled when I counted my inventory and realised just how successful the day had been.

I didn't get a chance to walk around and visit any of the other stalls, so I haven't got any photos to share, and I feel like I missed out somewhat. But on the upside I didn't spend any of my earnings, which is usually a danger when I find myself surrounded by beautiful handmade things.