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Behind the Scenes

16 October 2009

A glimpse of some things that have been happening here over the last week or so.

I finished off an order for 30 Heart Boxes for a corporate client.

It's school holidays... Roxy and I met some friends at the Children's Festival which was a lot of fun. The last photo is of a wire mesh fence and some plastic cups which entertained the kids for ages. Simple huh?

Edit: I just realised how empty and boring the festival photos look! I took them right at closing time. Despite appearances, it really was fun, so if you're in Sydney over the weekend with kids, do check it out.

I spied this sweet little graffiti drawing.

I embroidered one of my printed panels and made a little gift for a friend.

I got in and printed a whole lot of notebook covers for an upcoming market. I also printed lots of timber cards in new designs... I'll show you those later.

Roxy cut shapes out of folded paper and we spent a morning making and laughing at all the crazy little characters we created.

I looked through a few stacks of my vintage childrens books for images to use in Vintage Heart Boxes and Vintage Storybook Tiles which I'm getting ready for the markets.

I took delivery of 10kgs(!) of toy stuffing which literally doubled in size when it came out of the box - it's bigger than a five year old! Roxy then decided that the box would be a good place to eat her breakfast and to spend the morning.