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Monday BlogDay and More...

28 September 2009

The house is finally quiet this morning and I sat down here without knowing what I was going to blog about today. Then I visited one of my favourite blogs: Cicada Daydream, and it became clear what I needed to write about.

But first let me tell you about Cicada Studio... I have long admired Michelle's lovely textile designs. She is a talented and inspirational designer and she seems like a natural, down to earth person with a big passion for what she does.

Image Source: Cicada Studios

Michelle has recently launched her second fabric business, with a partner, called Cloud 9 Fabrics. I love that Cloud 9 use only 100% certified organic cotton and eco-responsible solvent-free inks and dyes for printing their gorgeous baby collection.

Image Source: Cloud 9

I really enjoy visiting Michelle's blog Cicada Daydream because she's created a lovely welcoming little space where she shares what she's been doing and creating.

Which brings me back to this morning when I visited Cicada Daydream...

I gasped when I read that Michelle lost everything on her computer on Friday. Everything. All her fabric designs, freelance projects, website files, collateral for her two businesses... the lot. I just can't imagine what I'd do if that happened. But in true Michelle style she's taking the opportunity to take stock and reassess the way she has been hurtling through life. She's hoping to use this crippling wake up call from the universe as an opportunity to move forward with a different mindset.

So much of what Michelle said in her post resonated with me - it's almost as if she was holding a mirror up for me to see myself:

I work hard, but not always for the money because the money isn't always there. I accomplish a lot, but I am not always going anywhere.

People like me, who do, do, do can't often see the trees for the forest...

I only react to what comes at me- and I throw in spontaneous actions to propel myself from the spot on which I'm standing. I rarely live for the moment, and I am constantly striving to reach some sort of goal. While it makes for a dazzling spectacle, it's also tiresome. Only, I just can't stop.

In addition, one of the biggest issues for me is that I am a perfectionist. Whatever I do I want it to be the best it can be. I am learning (with the help of those close to me) that not everything has to be perfect in my life and I have to be able to let go sometimes. I am also so driven to create that my head is often spinning with all I want to and have to do. Another biggie for me is that I never say no - to clients, friends, anyone. I take on everything and expect myself to be everything. And to do it perfectly.

I've been feeling for a while now that something's got to give... I have actually almost been holding my breath in anticipation of the universe throwing something enormous at me that will bring everything to a grinding halt.

Maybe reading Michelle's post today is the universe's way of giving me a warning. I am hoping that I am able to take that on board and steer myself just off to the left or right so in time I'll be on a new path. The new path being the way I manage work and life, finding some balance in everything and actually nurturing myself, which is something I just don't do. I really admire how Michelle is dealing with her crisis and would like to think I can learn from her. I don't imagine that I can change things over night, but I'm hoping I can find some ways to get the process started.

With all that in mind, I am going to take a mini blogging break. I may only post a few times a week instead of every day. As with everything I do I want my blog to be the best it can be, so I have always posted at least once a day and I put a lot of effort into it. But I really have so much on my plate at the moment that I need to give myself every bit of space and time that I can find to get things done. It seems like something's got to give for now, and that something will have to be blogging.

How are you going my friend? Can you relate to this too? Have you been down this path yourself? I'd love to her your thoughts and ideas.