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Lovely Blog :: Oh, Hello Friend

02 September 2009

I have a confession: I sometimes read blogs without commenting. If you're a blogger too you may gasp at my confession... we all love to receive comments and to know that we are appreciated by our readers. I hate the idea that I just 'read and run' from some blogs, but there you have it.

Oh, Hello Friend is a lovely blog which I found fairly recently but I have yet to leave a comment there. Danni blogs about gorgeous things, has weekly giveaways, and she also shares great tips and resources. Visit the Oh, Hello Friend Etsy shop to see the sweet things Danni makes.

Which leads me to my next post: Oh, Hello Friend's Lovely Package Exchange. I was fortunate to stumble upon Oh, Hello Friend at the time Danni announced the Lovely Package Exchange. The exchange, as the name suggests is as much about the packaging as the gifts, which really appealed to me.

You can tell from the way that Danni wraps her own creations that she has a thing for a beautifully presented package. More about the exchange in my next post...