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Blogiversary GIVEAWAY

06 September 2009

You might remember that I was a bit busy on my one year blogiversary last month to have a giveaway, so here it is, as promised... the one-year-and-one-month-and-one-week-and-one-day blogiversary giveaway.

giveaway part one
Win one of my Ginger Sweetie Petite doll kits* and a pack of 4 cards.

Do you know of any online or bricks and mortar shops that you think my Sweeties would work well in? They could be shops (in any country) that specialise in things for kids, or fabric/craft shops, or somewhere that stocks fun and quirky things. I'd love to get your thoughts, so just leave a comment with your suggestion(s) here and you'll be entered into the giveaway. There'll be 4 winners who'll be chosen at random. And I'm happy to send the prizes internationally. I'll announce the winners on Friday.
*(the prize is a kit to make Ginger and wee birdie, not the doll already made, as shown in the photo)

giveaway part two
I've been doing a bit of a Secret Squirrel for the last 5 weeks since my blogiversary. I've been keeping a tally of the number of comments each person has made since then with a view to having a giveaway for the 3 most frequent commenters. And the winners are... drum roll...

Art Mind (Mitsy)
Strawberry Lemonade Girl (Alex)

and in a three-way tie for third are:

Come on down ladies! I'll be in touch (or feel free to email me) to get your postal addresses and I'll be sending out a little package to each of you, just to say a big thanks for visiting here and saying hello.

Just so you know, I've never met any of these lovely ladies, although I have struck up an online friendship with Mitsy and Alex. And lucky Jane actually won my last giveaway, which was a random draw.

Update 11 Sept: The giveaway has closed, thanks for all your lovely comments and suggestions.