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I want to go to Madison Bouckville, New York

26 August 2009

... and I want to go on August 20th next year! I am positively swooning after reading Maya's post about her trip to the outdoor antiques show over the weekend.

Maya said The entire town was one ginourmous flea market... the best darn flea market we'd ever seen!! We'll not miss this for the world next year. Mark your calendars, if you're anywhere close by. The prices are great! The vintage wares are delicious. I never need go to another garage sale/auction/anything again... just this annual trip.

Images from maya*made

With over 1,000 sellers spread across 90 acres of farmland it looks like absolute heaven to me. I am so far away that there is less than zero chance that I'd ever get to Madison Bouckville, but wow would I love it there!

Read Maya's post here, and see more of her wonderful photos on her flickr set here.