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Shopping in Tokyo Part 4 :: Tokyo Midtown

21 July 2009

Tokyo Midtown is a beautifully designed shopping center in Roppongi. I think I loved it because everything was so considered and 'just so'. The shops are all upmarket and great for window shopping, and there's also the Suntory Museum (no, not a museum of alcohol) where I saw a couple of fantastic design/art exhibitions. I did buy a few little bits and pieces, but I was happy just to take it all in.

Isn't this the most amazing sculptural crocheted centerpiece.

Even the benches are works of art in themselves (photo of Roxy taken on our visit last year).

This is the smoking room. Most shopping centers have one, but the one at Roppongi Hills was the most beautifully designed smoking room I saw - it even had a lovely view. (I have to say that the idea of a smoking room turns my stomach. The idea of smoking turns my stomach in itself, but imagine being in a tiny closed room with lots of people puffing away.)

The Chloe shop had semi-opaque glass, so the colours and shapes of the clothes formed lovely abstract shapes and designs.

There was some beautiful fruit for sale in the downstairs food section, like 2 bunches of grapes a steal at AU$135, and these 2 mangoes and a small box of cherries for AU$680.