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The Lost Week: Lemon & Honey, Doonas and DVDs

19 July 2009

I've lost a week from my life. We were absolutely flattened by the flu, with the three of us in bed (the same bed) for a whole week. We were this close to making a middle of the night dash to the hospital with Roxy on Tuesday night, but managed to make it through to the morning to see our doctor.

We drank lots of lemon and honey in hot water and slept in feverish fits. Towards the end of the week we were up to some entertainment and took turns in choosing DVDs to watch. When it was Roxy's turn to choose we successfully steered her in the direction of Charlotte's Web, Kung Fu Panda and Happy Feet and away from Barbie: The Magic Pegasus, Barbie: The Princess and The Pauper, Barbie: The Nutcracker... I'm sure you get my drift! Of course when Stu and I got to decide we had to make sure we chose something G rated. That was how we came to be watching the 1960 Jerry Lewis movie Cinderfella. Stuart is a huge Jerry fan and has all his movies, although I'd never seen Cinderfella before.

Now it's not a great movie by any means, but I really loved the sets, costumes (by Edith Head) and art direction. The use of colour in the costumes and sets was the thing that struck me the most. Here are a few of my favourite stills from the movie. Please forgive the quality of the images, they were shot with a feverish hand while laying in bed with a child on top of me.

And a bit of trivia. In the movie, the shot of Jerry Lewis leaving the ball was done in one take. He ran the 70 stairs in 7 seconds, collapsing at the top. Jerry was rushed to hospital, spent 4 days in an oxygen tent and delayed filming for 2 weeks. If you watch this YouTube clip (start at about 4:40) you can see his stair climbing feat.

It's nice to be back, and nice to see you again.