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Talent :: Olivia Bee

30 June 2009

OK, before I tell you how old Olivia Bee is, just take a look at her photos.

Olivia is just 15 and these self portraits were taken from the age of 13! I am blown away by her amazing talent, and apparently so are many other people as her photos are amongst the most viewed on flickr. She's truly gifted, don't you think?

Image Source: All images via Olivia Bee's flickr photostream

Olivia is quite fond of shooting in the snow while wearing flimsy summer dresses. Under this photo she wrote:

"it's too cold for that shit."
"man, i know. i bet you she's whack."
"don't you know we're in an arctic blast?!"
"it's like 12 fucking degrees outside."
"look she won't even talk to us."
"i bet she can't talk either."
"that is one crazy chick."

-- people watching me

It was really tough choosing what to show here, so take a look at Olivia bee's flickr photos for more breathtaking images.

Found via Oh Joy!