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Monday BlogDay: Artists Who Blog

21 June 2009

Hello, it's Monday again. I can hardly believe it. Last week ended in a bit of a blur for me and I didn't even get to wish you a happy weekend. Whatever you did I hope it was just what you needed to do to recharge. So on to my Monday Blogday post... You'll notice that I still haven't made a blogroll, and until I do I'll continue to share my favourite blogs with you each Monday.

Do you know Artists Who Blog? Stephanie Levy interviews other artists and designers about blogging and their creative lives. Stephanie generally asks each person the same questions which include things like: why did they start blogging, how has blogging affected their work, what are the most difficult and the most rewarding parts of having a creative profession, and how they maintain a healthy work/life balance. I find it incredibly inspiring to read what they have to say.

Michelle Engel Bencsko, Lisa Solomon

There's quite a long list of inspirational creators who have been interviewed and I must admit that there are more than a few interviews that I need to catch up on. The interviewees also list some of their favourite blogs, so be warned and be prepared for the 'click on effect'.