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Mini Art Feelings

08 May 2009

Meet my new friends: Sad, Cute and Balanced. They came to live with us all the way from Belgium via Etsy. Sad, Cute and Balanced are the much loved children of the gorgeous Mitsy, aka ArtMind. I'm sure they miss her, but they seem to be very happy here in Australia. Poor Balanced suffered a bit from jetlag and wasn't quite herself for a while. But she has recovered and found her balance again.

These Mini Art Feelings are a part of Mitsy's beautiful 99 Feelings project. Mitsy used the shape of a babushka doll as the blank canvas for her imagination. The resulting ceramic mini sculptures are minimalist and delightful. I have to say that I chose my little friends based on they way they looked rather than the feelings they portray. I like to think that little 'sad' is happy now and he has just been out in the summer rain.

You can see the other 96 little fellas in Mitsy's Etsy store.