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Monday Blogday: Part 2 Hello Sandwich

20 April 2009

The lovely Ebony Bizys started her blog Hello Sandwich only last month, and straight out of the gate it's been fun, colourful and totally wonderful. Ebony has an obsession with Japan (gotta love that!) and blogs about cute, very quirky and fantastic finds. I can't get enough of Hello Sandwich, it never fails to inspire and to make me smile.

Image Source: All images via Hello Sandwich

Ebony has recently added a couple of animations of herself in the sidebar of Hello Sandwich. So cute and quirky... just like her and her blog!

If you want to know more about the talented Ms Bizys who is a designer and artist, take a look at this great interview on the Design Files and she was also featured in the most recent issue of the fabulous Design for Mankind magazine.