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Monday Blogday: dear ada

27 April 2009

Oh goodness, where has the day gone?! We are having the interior of our house painted at the moment and it's chaotic. There are boxes of books and ornaments, bits of furniture and stuff all over our house. It's absolutely doing my head in. It's almost like we are moving house, but things are only going from one room to the next. And if my environment is a mess then my head inevitably is too. I just can't seem to focus. Are you like that too, or is it just the Virgo in me which demands order and neatness to function?

So apologies for the extremely late post... here goes...

I have mentioned the wonderful blog dear ada numerous times before when I've credited it as the source of some of my art finds, so I thought it was about time that I featured dear ada here on a Monday Blogday post.

Dear ada is my daily dose of art inspiration. If you love any sort of art from photography to jewellery, sculpture to prints I guarantee you'll be bookmarking dear ada too.

I was especially happy when I visited dear ada today and found this YouTube video 'Stop Motion with Wolf and Pig' - it's so upbeat, sweet and clever, it made my day!