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Inspiration: Alabama Chanin

16 April 2009

Alabama Chanin is known for elaborately embellished hand sewn garments made form recycled and organic materials. Their clothes, accessories and homewares are made in collaboration with craftsmen of diverse disciplines from North West Alabama, combining age old techniques with a contemporary sensibility. I love that they also work with sustainable philosophies.

I saw one of Alabama Chanin's quilts on dear ada and clicked through to their website to find more stunning creations. The quilts which were once considered unsalvageable have been upcycled and given new life as wall art with screen printing and hand stitching. Organic cotton applique and embroidered oral histories add value, depth and meaning to quilts that had previously been discarded as unusable.

Their chairs are rebuilt with handcrafted details, and chandeliers and vases are made from found and recycled materials. The colour palettes and photography are gorgeous too huh?

Image Source: Alabama Chanin

Aren't they the most beautiful creations? And all the more so when you know the story of handcrafting, sustainability and community which is intrinsic to Alabama Chanin.