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Inspiration: Abigail Doan

06 April 2009

The top image is called 'Crocheted Snow' - it sounds as beautiful as it looks.

Abigail Doan is a mixed media, fiber and environmental artist who lives and works in both New York City and Italy [lucky her!].

Abigail "creates tactile maps, floating topographies, and in situ souvenirs that highlight the delicate nature of our environs via geomorphic agency and environmental tinkering".

Abigail is a busy woman. She is a regular contributor to Supernaturale, Art & Style Editor for the wonderful Inhabitat, and a featured artist on Green Museum. And she also authors two blogs - see the links below. On top of all that she is a mother of twins! Makes me need a nap just thinking about it.

If there was any way I could swing it I would be off to Finland for the International fiber exhibition called 'It Is Beautiful Here' which Abigail is a part of. It will be on view throughout the summer of 2009.

If you happen to be in Albuquerque, New Mexico, an interesting enviro-book exhibition featuring Abigail's work is currently showing at THE LAND gallery.

Here is a great write up about Abigail and her art. And you can visit her blog for more info and images of her projects. Don't miss Abigail's other fabulous blog Ecco*Eco, which I wrote about in my Monday Blogday post today.