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Embroidered Paper

15 April 2009

I have a thing for paper. I was origami mad as a child and have always loved creating anything with paper. I've been working on some 3D paper forms lately and I've been experimenting with paper embroidery. I'm not really ready to show anything yet, but I will when I'm happy with it all. Anyway... this is a round about introduction to some embroidered paper and embroidered illustrations I've found. I love the somewhat unexpected combination of paper and thread.

I blogged about Darren Song's work a month or so ago, and then I just had to order a custom made 'Ollie The Red Panda' from his etsy shop. I took some close up photos (above) to show you how wonderfully layered and dense the stitching is.

I had a little wander around etsy and found these lovely examples of embroidered paper.

One-of-a-kind Embroidered Map Collage - East, by Shannon Rankin of selflesh.

Happy card, by orangedotgreen.

And I love this Gem Rain card by sissyFIST.