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Need a Good Laugh?

13 March 2009

This is silly and hilarious and had me laughing out loud for the longest time. I became quite hysterical in fact. Which is just what a girl needs to do from time to time.

Here's what you do:
Just google 'unfortunately, [insert your name]'. When I googled 'unfortunately, Lisa' I got this:

unfortunately, lisa fell off the wagon and began using drugs

unfortunately, lisa doesn't have a good side yet

Unfortunately Lisa is struggling with weakness in her legs and staff at the Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre in Salisbury are desperate to find her a loving home

Unfortunately Lisa had no children with former husbands Michael Jackson and Nicholas Cage

unfortunately Lisa gives no answers but promises to see him

unfortunately, Lisa’s depression continued

Unfortunately, Lisa is shot and she dies in MacGyver's arms

This meme was found via Mikes