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Monday BlogDay

09 February 2009

Have you ever read Please Sir? I love it because it's "a daily site devoted to passions like modern and vintage design, inspiring art, and personal stories". Which sounds like a description of my blog too... the shared passions are obviously why I like Please Sir so much.

Below are a couple of things that have been featured recently that I've been inspired by.

The absolutely incredible, not to mention beautiful, BioWall is a hand woven 3 dimensional structure to hold living plants. Read the full post here to get the links for BioWall and more innovative technology.

Artist Celia Gray. Oh my, I aren't these so gorgeous? I really love the dreamlike layered effect that is achieved with the encaustic process - one day (if i ever get the chance) I'd like to try it. Read Diana's post and get the links here.

Image Source: Please Sir