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Lunch Menu: Roast Vegies and Eye Candy

05 February 2009

I was about to eat my lunch today when I heard the postman. I went out to the letterbox to find the copy of Vive la fete which I had ordered.

I saw this Dutch craft book featured on Bloesem recently and was totally seduced by the gorgeous images. I was so taken in by the book that despite the terrible exchange rate and the cost of international shipping I ordered it anyway.

I can't read a word of Dutch but figure I can easily translate bits on the web. I certainly wasn't disappointed by the beautifully styled photography, but I have to say that many of the projects are really out there.

What would you think if I met you for a drink and I was wearing scissors and a cotton reel wrapped in masking tape around my neck?

Or if you came to dinner at my house and this is how the table setting looked? (Under the plates are plastic bags filled with straw)

Or if I'd artfully placed flowers in fabric softener bottles?

Don't get me wrong, they are all gorgeous looking photos and I really do love the book... I'm just not sure how it would translate to real life.

What do you make of it? Maybe something's lost in translation (or lack of it).

If you're interested in getting a copy, I bought mine here. I asked my local Borders to order it, searched on Amazon, looked everywhere on the net, all to no avail. Perhaps because it's only recently been published?

Oh, and in the spirit of finding beauty in the everyday, I just wanted to show you the stunning colours, shapes and textures in my lunch. And it was delish too.