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Well Look at me!

12 January 2009

Do you remember when I won the Birdie Know-It-All contest for my paper wreath tutorial? Well, as you can see, I have received the main prize... the extremely patient Gisele Jaquenod has created my new blog design. And I love it!

Gis was fantastic in putting up with all my design and art direction input. I'm sure I was a nighmare client. I am a self-confessed perfectionist with definite design ideas... yes, I am the client from hell! Sorry Gis! You can check out Gisele's blog here and if you'd like a new look for your own blog Gis is your girl - take a look at her portfolio of work here. She even has some free blog templates.

Along with the blog design I won a whole host of lovely things which I'll show you when they arrive. Lucky me.

Update Wednesday 14th: You know, I do love my new blog design, but now that I am seeing it with my posts on it I feel it is too busy. My blog is all about the visuals and I can see now that the actual blog design is detracting from my posts... I am totally to blame for this! So you will see some simplification over the next few days to hopefully refine the look to something that sits better with my content. The immensely patient Gisele is on to it, and I'm sure I am now officially the client from hell!

Update Monday 19th: Gis has very kindly worked with me to refine the design and simplify it. The design you see now is the new one, and below is the first design.