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Hello again!

05 January 2009

The SushiBird is a detail from my Manami Twig tile, here.

Hello, thanks for stopping by, it's good to be back blogging! Although I am off to a rather slow start... it's 10.30am already.

I'm excited about '09 and welcoming a new year of possibilities. The end of each year is so frantic with all that needs to be done, so I love the comparative respite the new year brings. I feel energised by the thought of a fresh start and I've been busy cleaning out and reorganising our pantry, linen closet and Roxy's room, and writing lists of things I want to focus on or accomplish this year.

One of the things I am going to do is make Christmas this year a handmade affair. I intend to make all the gifts we give to family and friends, although having said that I will probably have to buy a couple of things on Roxy's wish list. I have already started to think about what I can make, and I figure that I'll need a whole year to come up with something to give my father in law! The only thing I have thought of so far is a food hamper of homemade goodies. Do you have any other ideas? I'd love to hear if you achieved a handmade Christmas last year.

Some of the other things on my list for this year are:

• Get our house sorted out. We have an attic full of boxes that haven't been unpacked since we moved here 3 years ago. I just need to get up there and decide what to give away, keep or sell on ebay. I also have a wall of cupboards in our hallway which I need to go through, as well as our wardrobes. I actually enjoy doing those sorts of jobs, but just need to make the time to do them. Which brings me to the next item on my list.

• I need to be better with my time management. As I've said, I'm a list maker and like to be organised, but I don't seem to have enough time to do everything I need or want to. I know that I do procrastinate sometimes... usually by reading blogs! I'm going to try to structure my days more and allocate a certain amount of time to each thing I need to do. That will include a set time for blogging and reading blogs. I will have to seriously organise my list of nearly 300 blogs I have bookmarked into daily reads, weekly reads, etc.

• Part of that time management will include making some 'me' time. I started this about a month ago - making sure that I walk for an hour every morning, regardless of what else is going on in the day. It's a great way to start the day - I feel energised and have the time to think about whatever I want, with no interruptions.

• I want to do at least one drawing a day. I haven't drawn much for a long time and I really want to get back into it. I also intend to learn more crafts and make the time to practice them.

• I am going to live more in the moment and enjoy each day instead of being so focused on the destination. With this in mind I am eating and exercising for my health and well being rather than for the goal of a particular dress size or day on the calendar. This is also a lot about learning to nurture myself.

• Eat organic produce as much as possible.

• I want to increase the number of retailers who stock my creations.

• I'm going to develop a new business idea a friend and I have been talking about and focus on getting it up and running.

• Spend more time catching up with friends... there's that 'time' thing again!

• I'd love to travel more.

• And read more (and not just blogs!).

I'm feeling so positive about this year and think that everything on my list is very achievable. How are you feeling about the new year? Do you have any advice regarding time management, living in the moment, or anything else on my list? Would you like to share your plans for '09?