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I *Heart* Fridays: I *Heart* Flowers Underfoot

16 January 2009

Image Source: Eco Age

Oh how I would love to have this luscious, richly textured bed of flowers in my home. Inspired by the crocheting of her grandmother, Italian-Argentine designer Natalia Pepe has created this gorgeous rug. Called the Nonna Pepa rug, it is handmade from individual knitted wool flowers which are sewn onto a pure wool base. It was launched at The UK's 100% Design recently and is available in the UK from Eco Age.

My first thought is to covet this divine piece, but as the parent of a small child my second thought is for practicality. I find myself thinking of all the beads and bits and pieces that would end up wedged into and under all those flowers!

Natalia has a beautifully designed website which showcases her multi-talents.

Happy Friday! Have a great day.