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Monday Morning Already?

08 December 2008

Here it is Monday morning and I'm completely unprepared for blogging. Yesterday we had a birthday party for Roxy and had 24 children (with an average age of 5, but ranging from 14mnths to 9 years old) and about 35 adults here. It's not Roxy's birthday until next month, but she wanted to have her party during preschool time rather than in the holidays. Am I crazy?!... here it is a few weeks until Christmas and I agreed to have a birthday party in our back garden.

Of course Roxy was awake at 5am, so I was making sushi by 5.30 and icing cup cakes at 7am. The last guests left after 9pm so it was a big day for all of us. We were in bed asleep about 20 minutes later.

So please forgive me for not being on top of things this morning.

I got to take a few photos before the guests arrived, and will share some more (and some party ideas) another day when I get photos from friends. In the meantime, here is a favourite and yummy treat which is (almost) completely healthy.

If you haven't tried them, frozen bananas are delicious. (I just took the bananas out of the freezer for this photo - I didn't leave them on the table with the other party food. They need to be served directly from the freezer.)

Cut ripe but not too soft bananas into thirds and carefully insert an ice block stick 3/4 of the way into the banana, being careful not to push it through the sides. Dip the ends into sprinkles and
place the bananas on an baking tray covered in plastic wrap. When the tray is full cover in plastic wrap and freeze. They are delicious without the sprinkles too, or you can dip the bananas in melted chocolate and then roll them in nuts. Sooo good! Make sure you check that none of the children have a nut allergy first. Frozen bananas are a hit with adults as well as children, and they are handy to have in the freezer as a healthy treat (without sprinkles or chocolate!). Roxy loves them even though she hates bananas. : )