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Electric Mavis Luminare

17 December 2008

Image Source: Gregory Bonasara

Oh how much do I love these Electric Mavis Luminare by Melbourne artist Gregory Bonasara! What a gorgeous repurposing of vintage tea cups. The juxtaposition of the contmporary streamlined fixture with the curvy and ornate cups is perfect. And I just adore the way the colours and patterns are brought to life by the light.

Gregory's website describes these beauties:
Made from recycled pre loved tea cups and saucers Electric Mavis is a cheeky take on discarded domestic crockery. With minimal modification, these fine porcelain objects are transformed from op shop clutter or potential landfill into chic contemporary light fittings using one low voltage halogen bulb. Electric Mavis is stylish, feminine and the bloom is definitely not off her rose.

Dear Santa....