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Inspiration: Art Sydney

24 October 2008

Last night I went to the opening of Art Sydney, which is a yearly event. It's on at the Royal Hall of Industries (next to Fox Studios) this weekend. The exhibition is huge and shows a diverse selection of both established and up and coming artists.

Unfortunately I don't have the scoop on the fabulous artists whose work I saw because I had a tired 4 year old in tow who was trying to carry a glass of lemonade
(I know, bad mother, but they didn't have any water and she was 'really, really thirsty mum!!!') while walking on a concrete floor and being bumped into by hundreds of champagne drinking art lovers. I did love the paintings by an artist is known as 'dirtfish' - there was no other name on his business card or website. His work appeals to me because it's textural, layered and graphic.

Image Source: dirtfish

I did manage to get the cards of a few other artists whose work I admired, but when I tried to visit their websites this morning to show you some examples the sites weren't active. Bummer.

The following images are Roxy's photos of the event:

I love this photo (below) which I took of the girls enjoying a giant octopus-like inflatable sculpture.

Get along to Art Sydney this weekend if you can - it's huge and inspirational, some of the art is quite affordable and it's very much worth the effort. Info about the event can be found here.