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The Aussie Dollar takes a tumble

23 October 2008

Image Source: Sad Guys on Trading Floors Blog
I found this blog (the photos have very funny captions) via one of my regular blog reads: A Cup of Jo.

[Shameless self promotion follows...]

Good news for you if you're from anywhere but here. Great news if you're thinking about buying some Red Thread art. Very bad news for my etsy and Amazon buying habits!

Back in July our dollar was worth around US$0.98, and now it's only buying US$0.66.

All prices on my website are in AUS$, so here's a quick (rough) conversion example for you:
My limited edition, signed SushiBird Tiles are AUS$150 each, that equals just US$99, or 78 Euro, or 60 pounds sterling.

There'll never be a better time to buy, so get in now and get some Christmas shopping done. Click here to go to the Red Thread website.