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I *Heart* Fridays #2: I *Heart* Monte!!

19 September 2008

I *heart* Monte in a purely platonic kinda way. Monte is my immeasurably patient and wise "web guy". Immeasurably patient because I am just clueless about so much stuff to do with technology. Armed with iweb, I decided this time around that I could do more than just design the Red Thread website - I wouldn't need Monte to do the back end work for me.

iweb really is fantastic - it's so user-friendly and requires no html coding or anything scary like that. It works in a very intuitive way. Having said that I needed my friend Tim to answer a few iweb questions along the way! Of course it went without saying that once it came to uploading the files I needed Monte's help too. Then when the files were uploaded I had to email poor Monte another half a dozen times with my dumb-ass questions.

Now I'm thrilled and very relieved that the redesigned Red Thread website is up and running featuring all my new product ranges... so a big shout out to Monte for being so patient and helpful.

You can check out Monte's website here, and some of his very impressive work here and here.

Happy, HAPPY Friday!!