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I *heart* Fridays: I *heart* eggs

29 August 2008

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Eggs are pretty close to perfect. The name of the company I created over 10 years ago for my graphic design work is 'egg star'. I chose the word egg because an egg is such a great example of design perfection. Eggs are strong yet fragile, the beginning of life, a wonderful package, and the sort of shape that makes me want to cradle them in my hands. The colours are glorious and range from creams, whites and soft browns, to pale blues, and the rich dark blue/green of emu eggs. I also love the way the word 'egg' looks when written.

I have recently started to paint goose eggs and I'm going to make Christmas decorations out of them. I'm thinking about adding them to the Red Thread creations available on my website. I have dyed them with natural dyes and I'm loving the soft watery and earthy palettes I've achieved. I'm working on getting the right tone of barely-there aqua at the moment as well as painting directly on to un-dyed eggs for a very subtle effect. My designs are similar to the nature-inspired illustrations on my SushiBird Tiles, which are based on Japanese motifs, and also have some reference to Scandinavian design... a somewhat eclectic series of inspirations!

some of my decorated eggs

I am also working on more detailed designs on glorious big ostrich eggs.
They really are a joy to work on - I *heart* eggs!

And of course I love eating them too...mmmm...
nature's most perfect package contains it's most perfect food. Eggs offer endless culinary opportunities, but a simple soft boiled egg is a treat all on its own. Bill Grainger is known as the egg master - here's his recipe for scrambled eggs. Our three chickens in our little back garden give us delicious organic free range eggs.
What could be better?

Happy Friday!